Precious Metals

Gold has a very important place among metals. In particular, jewelry and valuables are produced from gold, but in fact, it is also used a lot in electronic and technological products.


The first remains of silver date back to BC. It dates back to 3000 years. Remains from those periods show that silver will continue to be used as long as humanity exists.


Platinum is found in nature as an ore. It is among the rare metals. One of the greatest features of this metal is both its conductivity quality and its high resistance to oxidation.


Rhodium is a very, very rare metal. So much so that the price of kilograms is measured in millions of dollars. Rhodium is a rare metal that is also a member of the platinum group.


Palladium is in the precious metals group. These metals are not hard to find in nature like other bandmates, but they have valuable properties. For this reason, it is valuable in material terms, and it has a very valuable mass in terms of use.


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Although the first subject that comes to mind when the name of this element, whose symbol is cu, is mentioned, when we look at the past, it has been used in many fields such as bowls, pottery, bracelets, rings, even ornaments and gifts, pots and plates, teapots.


Whichever of the world's indispensable metals they say comes first, this is undoubtedly the element iron. This element, which is not a place we do not use in our lives, is also indispensable for the manufacture of steels.


If the tin element is among the precious metals, the only reason for this is that this metal is easily shaped. The tin element is such a soft metal that it can be bent even by hand.


Aluminum is in the group of easy to process, soft and conductive metals. The mineral name is Bauxite. Its usage area is very wide, it is used in all areas from industry to homes.



Send E-Waste

Our main goal is to restore the metals in waste electrical and electronic equipment that have completed their useful life to the national economy by considering human and environmental health.

Our company, under the name of Sinerji 3E Recycling and Recycling, was established in 2018 in the city of Ankara. We have carried out research and development activities for approximately 2 years for the studies on the recovery of metals from electronic wastes, which is the main field of activity of our company.

After the completion of our R&D studies, we started investment activities in an area of ​​3 thousand m2 in Kahramankazan, Ankara. For this purpose, we commissioned our pilot facility with a capacity of 500 kg/day in 2020. As a result of the success we have achieved in our pilot facility, we aim to commission our metal recovery facility from electronic waste with a capacity of 5 tons/day, which is our main target, in the third quarter of 2022.

At the point of recycling all kinds of electronic waste, our company carries out its recycling activities, which also dominate the social responsibility aspect, with a professional approach, without compromising its corporate line, with an expert and experienced staff.

Our company is an organization that has all the authorization certificates in its field. It carries out all recycling works by complying with the relevant standards. Our company continues on its way to become an organization that brings the metals obtained from electronic waste containing precious metals, which have completed their useful life, to the country's economy. It provides employment to 80 people in total on a maby-collar and white-collar basis.


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